If you need Plumbing Services, have a Leaking Toilet or need a 24 7 Emergency Plumber

Look no further, our plumbing repairs service can fix a leaking toilet or plumb your whole bathroom

Our plumbers are all qualified, insured and certified.  You can be sure that when you use our plumbing services to visit your home or business you will have someone who knows what they are doing.  There are many types of plumbing repairs or jobs and we can provide a plumber capable of working on which ever system you have.  Whether you need a leaking toilet or pipe repaired by one of our 24 7 emergency plumbers or simply have a tap fitted.

If you need a plumber either urgently or simply because you want a great price and service on that leaking toilet then we are ready to serve.


Plumbing (from the Latin plumbum for lead as pipes were once made from lead) is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste. A plumber is someone who installs or repairs piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters. The plumbing industry is a basic and substantial part of every developed economy due to the need for clean water, and proper collection and transport of wastes.


The major categories of plumbing systems or subsystems are:

  • Potable cold and hot water supply
  • Traps, drains, and vents
  • Septic systems
  • Rainwater, surface, and subsurface water drainage
  • Fuel gas piping

Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can be anything from a burst pipe, to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

What to do if you have a Burst Pipes or Leaking Toilet

The first thing to do is call us or request a call back! 020 8616 0532

Then to try stop the water getting to the leaking area. Turn off the water valve to the tap or leaking toilet. Often these valves are under the sink. If you can't find one then turn of the main valve to the house. External valves are often under a cover in your front or back garden..

If you can't get control of the leak then turn on all cold water taps so that the pipework and storage system drains quickly. DO NOT TURN ON HOT TAPS.

What to do if you Smell Gas?

  • Never ignite a naked flame / strike a match etc.
  • Never touch any electrical appliance (including light switches).
  • Put out naked flames.
  • Open doors and windows.
  • Keep people away from the affected area.
  • urn off the gas supply at the meter using the control valve.

Above information take from wikipedia

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